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Content Generation and Share on Autopilot

Postuby transforms social media content management for small businesses, startups, and agencies. It uses AI to create and schedule content.

Voiced Content

Creating Reels, Shorts with One Click

Social media sharing calendar


AI Product Photo

High Click

AI Ad Design Wizard

Referral System

Voiced Content

Creating Reels, Shorts with One Click

Social media sharing calendar


AI Product Photo

High Click

AI Ad Design Wizard

Referral System

Get started growing your brand in under 10 minutes

Your next social media agency won't be just an agency. Our services will simplify your social media management and automate content control. Lean back, and let your social media be handled.

Create Automation

Facilitate social media content management by creating fast and easy automations.

Identify the Content Idea

Express your idea, and have your content, including voice-over, prepared within seconds.

Let's Create and Share Content!

Your sharing calendar is generated with AI support, and all content is automatically shared!

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Stay ahead of the curve with the imminent launch of Postuby V3. Join our waitlist now to be at the forefront of ushering in a groundbreaking era of AI-driven social media marketing triumph.

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Here are the top 3 keywords that define Postuby V3:

Automation, Social Media, Content

Postuby V3 will be your personal social media agency.

  • Produce content, including voice-over, using AI.
  • Create automations
  • Automatically manage your social media

Boost your Social Media Views

It will be very simple. Content will be created with AI support on the topics you choose, and automatic sharing will be done. Just like an agency!

Stay Always Active with AI Videos.

It will be very easy to maintain your activity on social media with videos and content, including voice-over, created by our artificial intelligence!

User feedback on Postuby V1 and V2

HM Shuja


Wow, Postuby sounds incredible! The AI Ad Design Wizard and AI Product features will definitely be a game changer that saves a lot of time and helps to create stunning visuals.

Emily Perez


Postuby. The amazing template collections makes it promising
Gurkan Bayraktar


It's great that Postuby offers ready-made designs for all special occasions. Yes, you can find designs on many different platforms, but Postuby draws you in and its designs are very colorful. That's why I love using Postuby. 

Minasaat Platforms


Postuby has evolved since it's early beginnings. It's a formidable tool and I hope organizers would see a way I win it.

Rahul Sharma


The tool has grown quite well from its initial launch. Founder has listened to a lot of feedback and improved and made it a lot more useful now.

Prins Adedayo


I have seen this app grow and evolve ... It is looking really solid for the future.

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